Frequently Asked Questions

We are committed to providing every child who walks the halls of ISO with a well-rounded education that prepares them for a bright future.

How do I register my child/ren at ISO?

Applicants need to sit for a placement exam (grades 1-12) and an interview (KG1 – KG2). Upon admission, required documents must be submitted and due payments finalized with the accounting department.

What are the tuition fees?

Kindly visit the admissions section on the website for a full breakdown of tuition fees.

Does ISO offer any financial aid, discount, scholarships, payment plans?

ISO offers a sibling discount. It currently does not offer any financial aid or scholarships. Payment plans may be arranged with the accounting department.

What academic curricula are offered at ISO?

ISO offers different American, British, and Omani curricula across grade levels

What are the school timings?

Classes commence at 8:00 AM and end at 1:30 PM for KG1-KG2 and at 3:05 PM for grades 1 till 12.

How many terms are there in the academic year?

The academic year is divided into three terms. Terms 1 and 2 span over 14 weeks each and term 3 is 10 weeks.

Does ISO provide a transportation service?

ISO provides transportation to select zones within the Muscat Governorate.

Do students at ISO wear a uniform?

All students are required to wear the official school uniform that can only be purchased at the school shop. Official school sportswear and sports shoes are mandatory during PE classes. Boys in grades 5 and above may wear the dishdasha.

What safety and security measures are available on campus?

The safety and security of our students are paramount at our campus. We have implemented a multi-tiered approach to ensure a secure environment including, but not limited to: professional security personnel, surveillance systems, and controlled access.

What extra-curricular activities are offered at ISO?

At the International School of Oman (ISO), we take pride in providing a diverse range of extracurricular activities to complement our academic curriculum and cater to varied interests. Kindly visit our Student Life section under Programs.

How does ISO ensure health and wellness in its community?

The well-being of our school community is a top priority at the International School of Oman (ISO). We have established comprehensive measures to ensure the health and wellness of our students, faculty, and staff: school clinic, health education, safety protocols, healthy environment, counselling services, and nutritious meals to name a few.

Is there a cafeteria at ISO?

Yes, ISO provides a well-equipped cafeteria for students, offering a diverse selection of healthy and nutritious meals. Our cafeteria is designed to cater to various dietary preferences and cultural tastes, ensuring that students have access to balanced and appetizing food options. It is a welcoming space where students can enjoy their meals in a comfortable and social environment. Additionally, the cafeteria staff pays close attention to food safety and hygiene standards to ensure the well-being of our students.

Are books provided by the school?

Yes, at the International School of Oman (ISO), we understand the importance of academic resources. We provide a range of textbooks and educational materials for our students. These resources are carefully selected to align with our curriculum and support the learning objectives of each grade level. Additionally, we encourage a well-rounded approach to education, supplementing the required textbooks with a library stocked with various reference materials, fiction, non-fiction, and other resources to encourage reading and academic exploration.

Is the ISO community diverse?

At ISO, we take pride in our diverse and inclusive community, welcoming teachers and students from various nationalities. Our school represents a rich tapestry of cultures, with students hailing from numerous countries worldwide. This multicultural environment fosters a vibrant and global learning experience, allowing students to engage with diverse perspectives, traditions, and languages. Our commitment to inclusivity and cultural exchange enhances the educational journey, creating an enriching and dynamic atmosphere for all our students.

Will my child have homework?

In grades 1-4 there is no written homework. We do however request that you read with your child daily and spend 15-20 minutes per day practising the spelling words and mental math concepts sent by the teacher.

How will I know what my child is learning?

Every week, you will receive a message on the school application from each subject teacher with the weekly objectives and any other important information.

Will there be a parent-teacher evening?

At ISO, we believe that meeting the teacher for a few minutes once a term during a parent’s evening does not serve you as well as having access to progress reports and meetings with the AQA at any point throughout the year. Through the school application, you can send a message to the teacher and the AQA and any requests will be followed up. In extenuating circumstances, joint teacher-family meetings can be arranged.

What can I expect from the AL class?

Our AL classes at ISO do not re-teach everything missed (remediation), but instead, we identify the building blocks needed to help your child transition to their regular grade as quickly as possible. In the AL class, the student is met at their current level, which often differs from student to student. When a child returns to their regular grade, some differentiation is often still needed to assist the child in coping with the grade level material. Not all students in a class are on grade level; some are approaching grade level and require differentiation within the regular class. A transition form is completed when moving any child in or out of AL to ensure each teacher receiving the student is fully briefed on the child’s strengths, challenges, and proven strategies.

During their time in AL, the student will be assessed formatively and continuously. An individualized support plan will be in place and SMART targets will be set to ensure the student is progressing. Regular reviews will be conducted with the parents and when appropriate the student and teachers may also join.

What can I expect from a remedial support program?

Remedial programs (support classes) will run during regular class time or break times throughout the week. The concept to be repeated/retaught will change accordingly, and students will be placed in this class as required based on the teacher’s assessment.

What other support can I expect from the school?

In addition to our learning support programs, students may also be referred to the school psychologist to ensure they receive any pastoral care needed to help achieve their goals.

We have an open-door policy for any student that wants to speak to the school psychologist, AQA or director about any issue they are facing.