We are committed to providing every child who walks the halls of ISO with a well-rounded education that prepares them for a bright future.

Sports Programs

At ISO, there is a strong emphasis on fostering a lifelong commitment to a healthy lifestyle and acquiring team skills. The school offers a variety of sports to accommodate the diverse skills of its students. Participation in the Muscat Secondary Sports League (MSSL) is a notable highlight, where ISO has achieved success in various competitions, demonstrating dedication to helping students achieve their athletic goals.

Learning Support

ISO provides support for learners of all abilities through remedial programs and accelerated learning classes. Remedial instruction revisits previously taught material, while accelerated learning prepares students for new concepts. Support plans with differentiation strategies are offered within regular classes when necessary. Remedial classes benefit students who may have missed school, and accelerated learning is helpful for students with gaps in learning or needing a different approach, often based on English proficiency and being a year or more behind.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral care at ISO encompasses activities that support students’ social, personal growth, and general well-being. Through learning opportunities that explore attitudes, values, and skill development, students are equipped to be productive socially and personally. The school is committed to providing a comprehensive and well-rounded education to build self-worth, make healthy choices, and develop interpersonal skills necessary for societal engagement.


ISO is dedicated to creating a safe and welcoming atmosphere, free from abuse and prejudice. Staff members are expected to serve as guardians, acknowledging the importance of strong relationships for students’ well-being. The school aims to establish a culture where students feel confident, protected, appreciated, and motivated to speak up. A systematic approach is in place to monitor and support students at risk, and the curriculum includes tools for students to express concerns and stay safe.